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We have dedicated Productions Plants for following:

Hydrocolloids (Finished Goods)

Guar Gum Powder Plants
Cassia Gum Powder Plants
Fenugreek Gum Powder Plants
Tamarind Gum Powder Plants
Sesbania Gum Powder Plants
Maize Starch Plants

Chemical Derivatization Plants

CarboxyMethyl Derivatives

Food Hydrocolloids Blends Plant

Hydrocolloids (Raw Material Goods)

Guar Gum Splits Plants
Cassia Tora Splits Plants
Fenugreek Gum Plant
Tamarind Splits Plant
Sesbania Splits Plant

Warehouses & Offices

Chhattisgarh & MP


Cleaning and Sortex Plant
Pulversing Plant

Agro & Grains

Cleaning and Sortex Plant
Grain Flour Meals

Feed Ingredients

Guar Korma Meal Roasted Plants
Guar Korma Meal Toasted Plants
Guar Churi Plant
Cassia Meal Plant
Tamarind Seed Meal Plant
Sesbania Meal Plant
Fenugreek Meal Plant
Cotton Seed Cake Plants
Rapeseed Meal Plant
Soybean Meal Plants
Corn Gluten Meal Plants

Inhouse Laboratories At All Plant Locations

Chhattisgarh & MP