INDIAN HYDROCOLLOIDS is one of the biggest stockiest of Cassia Tora seeds in India.

We used to keep annual stock of more than 35000 MT Cassia Tora seeds and export Cassia Tora Seeds to China, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan etc. We keep all varieties and sizes of Cassia Tora Seeds, Sortex Cleaned and Machine Cleaned Quality.

We usually supply:
1. Top Bold Size Quality
2. Medium Bold Size Quality

We also supply Customized Quality and Customized Packing.

Parameters Value
Appearance Green to Light Brownish Seeds
Odour And Taste Strongly aromatic and characteristic
Size 3-5 mm x 3 mm Thickness
Moisture 7-8 %
Extraneous Material A. Sortex Clean 0.1% max.
B. Machine Clean 1.0% max.
Black Seed less than 3%
Total Ash 7% max
Acid Insoluble Ash 1.0% max
Pesticide Residues Within EU/FDA limits


Packing 50 Kg Laminated HDPE Bags and 1250 Kg Big Bags
Shelf Life 2 Years After Manufacturing Date, Under Recommended Conditions
Storage Cold And Dry Conditions, Sealed Packaging