About Us


INDIAN HYDROCOLLOIDS The principles of sustainability
Our business model is based on promoting , NON GMO crops, Chemical and pesticides free farming, therefore reducing the usage of chemicals in agricultural production.

Our products are:
NON Genetically Modified
No Pesticides
No Herbicides
No Fertiliser
No Chemicals

Our clients abide by Safe and Healthy principles of animal welfare, where space and quality of life is of paramount importance.

We Strongly Recommend and promote Organic Farming using Cow Dung Manure and Neem Extract Spray.

These principles allow our clients and partners to grow sustainably.

We promote low impact farming, whilst supporting both economically and socially the small farm networks with our fair trade principles of paying a responsible and sustainable price level to farmers in order to benefit their families and the local economy.

Our Guiding Principles
We continue to be guided by our sustainability principles:
Improve the livelihoods of farmers and communities through initiatives that maximize productivity, benefits and returns.
Ensure that profitable growth is achieved with all our partners through collaboration.
Understand and promote an ecological balance.
Provide a safe, healthy and productive workplace for our people.
Participate in professional associations to further develop our key goals.

Our Policies and Standards
We are guided by:
Organic Food Federation (OFF) http://www.orgfoodfed.com
Grain and Feed Trade Association (GAFTA) https://www.gafta.com
The GAFTA trade assurance scheme (GTAS)
Human Rights and Modern Slavery Policy http://feedfactors.com/human-rights-modern-slavery-2018.php
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)
Good Trade Practice (GTP)