Highly Pure Industrial Salt for Oil & Gas Industries.

Highly Pure Grade Refined Salt available for Oil & Gas Industries have NaCl > 99.50% and Ca + Mg < 1500 PPM as per ASTM.
Available in Powder form as well coarse form with size 0.1mm to 0.85mm and 1mm to 4mm with lowest moisture content < 0.50%.
Available in in Bulk Packing of 25/50 Kg Woven bags as well jumbo Bags of 1 Ton.

Industrial Salt for various uses

Natural solar harvested Sea Salt with Purity (NaCl ) ranging from 97 to 99.50% available in White Crystalline form with grain size 0.5 to 10mm.
This Salt has multiple applications including use as Raw material in Salt Refinery.
Available in bulk packing of 25/50Kg, 50lbs PP Bags and Bulker of 1 MT and 1.2 Ton.