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The ISO definition: "The totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs". In simpler words, a product has good quality when it "complies with the requirements specified by the client".

Quality Management

Here at Indian Hydrocolloids we have proper running of a "Quality System". A statement of objectives and policy to produce quality has been made for the organization & departments. This statement also identifies the internal organization and responsibilities for the effective operation of the Quality System. We are following the concept of "Good Laboratory Practice" (GLP).

Quality Assurance

The ISO definition reads: "the assembly of all planned and systematic actions necessary to provide adequate confidence that a product, process, or service will satisfy given quality requirements."

At Indian Hydrocolloids the product quality is being checked by the Quality Assurance Officer & verified by the Head of Laboratory. In case of special projects, customers may send their special quality assurance office or a Quality Plan.
Quality Control

The Quality Control defined by ISO as "the operational techniques and activities that are used to satisfy quality requirements. " An important part of the quality control is the Quality Assessment. We have the system of activities to verify the quality control activities are effective. Quality control is primarily aimed at the prevention of errors.

At Indian Hydrocolloids, The techniques and activities involved in Quality Control are divided into four levels of operation:

1. First-line control: machinery & Instrument performance check.
2. Second-line control: Check of calibration or standardization.
3. Third-line control: Batch control (control sample, identity check).
4. Fourth-line control: Overall check (external checks: reference samples)

Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)
Indian Hydrocolloids follows GLP which prescribes a laboratory to work according to a system of procedures and protocols. GLP has several advantages:
- Allow better laboratory management including quality management
- Improve efficiency & reducing costs
- Minimize errors
- Allow quality control including tracking of errors and their cause
- Stimulate and motivate all personnel
- Improve safety

The Indian Hydrocolloids has constituted a Quality Manual which informs in detail about
- Organization and Personnel
- Facilities
- Equipment and Working materials
- Analytical or testing systems
- Protocols, Procedures & Forms,
- Quality control
- Reporting and filing of results.

The company is fully equipped with state of the art physico-chemical & microbiological laboratories in order to perform strict quality control tests in compliance with international norms and customer's requirement. The company is actively involved in Research and Development as well, with the focus on new products. IHC is committed to maintaining a full-fledged R & D department, run by skilled specialists. The R & D department is constantly engaged in developing and modifying products in order to ensure better performance, fulfillment of customer's need and reduce production costs.

Indian Hydrocolloids is awarded with following certificates & Licenses,
ISO 9001 | ISO 22000 | HACCP Certificate | GMP Certificate | FSSAI License | HALAL Certificate | KOSHER Certificate
| Quality Policy

• Indian Hydrocolloids will strive to excel in all areas of our activities as a world class organization.
• Indian Hydrocolloids will deliver on time, quality and safe products produced in our facility by using best raw material.
• Indian Hydrocolloids will attain continual improvement in working and maintaining the Quality Management System (QMS) based on ISO 9001:2008.
• Indian Hydrocolloids will conduct business with respect, professionalism and integrity.

FSMS Policy (ISO 22000 , HACCP & FSSAI Policy)

• Indian Hydrocolloids will procure raw materials complying necessities of food safety and hygiene.
• Indian Hydrocolloids will adopt secure and hygienic processes appropriate for production of food grade products.
• Indian Hydrocolloids will follow regulatory guidelines in all our processes.
• Indian Hydrocolloids will deliver on time, to our valued customers, quality and safe food grade products by continual improvement in our processes.
• Indian Hydrocolloids will attain continual improvement in working and maintaining the Food Safety Management System (FSMS) based on