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Guar Splits

The Guar Industry has evolved from being used for domestic India to Globally for many applications in different industries. Owing to new technology, research and development the natural gum property of guar has varied applications from food, pharma industry to oil Industry to and is poised to grow.

India is the major producer of Guar Seed. Rajasthan is a major producer of guar among Indian states. The State produces more than 70% of total guar seed produced in the country. Gujarat & Haryana are also Guar producing states in India which contributes around 20% of total guar seed production.

Guar Processing

The processing of guar gives three products mainly viz. guar splits, churi and Korma. Guar split is used as a main product for different industrial uses while Churi and Korma are used as cattle feed.

Nearly 75-80% of the Guar Gum or other derivatives of Guar seed are being produced in India and are exported mainly to USA and European countries. The value added derivatives of Guar seed are used by the various industries in India as well as abroad.
India contributes for more than 80% of the world guar split supply.


The industrial Specifications for Guar Splits

Parameters Guar Splits  90 Guar splits 93 Guar Splits 95 Guar Splits 98
Dehusked Splits 90% (Minimum) 93% (Minimum) 95% (Minimum) 98% (Minimum)
Degree of refining Not Refined Single Refined Double Refined Guar Split

Triple Refined Guar Split

Gum Content 80-85% 80-85% 80-85% 80-85%
Protein 5%  Maximum 5%  Maximum 5%  Maximum 5%  Maximum
Ash 1%  Maximum 1%  Maximum 1%  Maximum 1%  Maximum
Moisture 10 % Maximum 10 % Maximum 10 % Maximum 10 % Maximum
Crude Fiber 1.5% Maximum 1.5% Maximum 1.5% Maximum 1.5% Maximum
Specification Packing & Storage
Packing 50 Kg PP  Bags, with PP liner, 1000 Kg Big bags
Shelf Life 2 Years After Manufacturing Date, Under Recommended Conditions
Storage Cold And Dry Conditions, Sealed Packaging, At 15-28°C, Max. 65% RH

The parameters for buying guar split vary according to its usage and depend mainly on color, shape and size. Dehusking requires sophisticated processing techniques as the
price of the product depends on the splits meeting specifications laid down by buyers for moisture content, density, protein content, impurities and particle size.